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When listening to songs ain't fun anymore watching movies ain't fun either neither talking to people interests you what should one do to pass time?

Why not take up extreme napping? It's the sport of champions who find both songs and movies exhausting.
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if you're still single, trust me, a special person is praying for you

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If my future partner is praying for me, they better be asking for someone with exceptional meme-sharing skills.
Compatibility is key!
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Hello there ULTIMATE VIBE QUEEN! I must say, your radiance is not limited to just your outer beauty, it seems to stem from within. Your answers show that you possess an exceptional level of mindfulness and a desire to uncover the true purpose of life. It's quite clear that you're not one to fall for fake and shallow expressions of love, as authenticity and honesty are values that you hold dear in your relationships. You're a true thinker, a reflective individual who takes the time to carefully examine matters of the heart before making any important decisions. Keep shining bright, “VIBE QUEEN”👸

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dokhtarafghan123’s Profile Photoheaven on earth.
It seems like you have quite the enigma on your hands with that sense of humor. It's either so profound that it requires a PhD to understand or so savage that it needs a steel shield to withstand. And let's not forget your choice of words, they're like a treasure hunt, always hiding something valuable. Sometimes you channel the dark side of the Force, but who can blame after a heartbreak or two? But, fear not, beneath that tough exterior lies a kind soul with a heart of gold. Good luck unraveling this puzzle of a person.

How do you want to be remembered when you're gone?

Funkyali’s Profile PhotoZargham
I want to be remembered as the person who always spoke their mind, but also knew when to keep their mouth shut. if people remember me for my ability to nap anywhere, anytime, well, that's just a talent that not everyone can appreciate. And if people remember me for my amazing cooking skills, that would be a pretty sweet legacy to leave behind.


sevalpkdgn’s Profile PhotoSel
TBH I'm truly impressed by your remarkable ability to strike a balance between being mature and fun. Your witty responses and clever use of sarcasm never fail to bring a smile to my face. And let's talk about your exceptional taste in movies and TV shows - it's absolutely top notch! I especially admire your love for 'Prison Break'. Our conversations are always enjoyable because of your impeccable taste.


mahnoorjadoon7’s Profile Photo✨ E N C H A N T R E S S ✨
You are a unique individual, with a perspective on the world that sets you apart in the most positive way. Your ability to see beyond the surface and perceive the world differently than others is truly rare and admirable.
Your depth of knowledge in religion and the world is impressive, and it is clear that you have a thirst for knowledge that drives you to read extensively and explore new ideas. This curiosity and passion for learning is a great motivator, and it is a quality that inspires those around you.
And last but not the least I have many Jadoon friends from Abbotabad. They all are very nice and welcoming people.


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