I was checking , k , em blocked or not. Thanks, you are kind.


Have you recognised me ? :p

What if i say yes

If yes , then of course , this will be my last message. Lol


What is the meaning of this smilie.

Jo bhi smjh lo.

Run or it's ok play. :p

Itna dmagh nae hai mera. Bhago.

Chalo kuch to acha laga ap ko. :p

Je apky ilawa sab psand hai mujhy.

Daikha hai ni, fatwa Pehly dy dia.

Apka parda hai . Ismy mera kia kasoor.

Mujhy ap ko patana ni, sirf happy daikhna hai.


Aj ap happy hain. Khair to hai

Je khair hi hai.