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I miss him should I text him or wait for him to text me? 😐

Sometimes we think if we wait, the person will return. When they don't, we keep going back to them hoping things would work out eventually.
If it's your fault, you must make the first move. If it's his fault, he must make the first move. But if he's only ghosting you or monkeying around with your feelings, it's time you let him go. Liberate yourself.

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Jo hoga dekhi jaye gi , aur phir naa dekha gya tou ?

Kabhi kabhi zindagi mein mushqilat barh jaati hain aur hum soch lete hain ke wo kabhi khatam nahi hotien par jaise jaise waqt guzarta hai humein un he cheezon se farq parna kam hojata hai aur phir ek waqt aata hai jab humein farq he nahi parta.
Wo farq na parta saboot hai is baat ka ke waqt guzar jaata hai. :)

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What is your definition of peace?

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It is every night you're looking up into the sky observing every little detail Allah has put into His creation, telling Him about your day or expressing your grief or happiness to Him, as it soothes you thoroughly and does away with all the worldly problems and burdens you carry on your shoulders


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