Ask @MissIrah:

What is it that nobody tells you about adult life?

That, friends don't always hang with you that often as they usually will beacaue of their own commitments. There are times, we will question their friendship. Moreover, we won't meet them very often but we always think and pray for their happiness despite our distance and less frequent in meet ups. We appreciate those memories and place it dear to our hearts. We just want to meet at least once a month but if they possible can't, you just stood there and think, those time was the best. That's it. Frozen in time and wish you could go back to those days.

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Has your heart ever lied to you, or do you think it always “tells” the truth? Explain.

Usually the heart wants what it truly wants. But I have to decide what is right or is appropriate for it. Sometimes, my heart wants to give it all or all in, uknw. But we do have to ponder what is the best for us.
Usually, I listen to my intuition and see what's best for me. Not always is right or good for me but it has to be decided.

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