Ask @MissJauregui:

Name three things you think shouldn't exist in the world.

congratulations to you that lives with anxiety, bipolarity, depression or any psychological illnessand keep fighting everyday, congratulations to you that get out of your bed to fight every day, congratulations to you that are always trying to be alive, congratulations to you that have to deal with it all alone because no one by your side cares at all, congratulations to you who fight with your demons everyday, congratulations to you who's alive, who's breathing and fighting every day putting a smile in your face. thank you for be alive, thank you for breathe, i hope the universe bless you every fucking day.

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¿long distance relationship opinion?

falling in love with a soul is much more significant than a geographic location. it's the connection between souls, it's the most pure love, more than unique. distance has no power when it comes to love, it is not an issue as long as he maintains honesty, trust and faithfulness. the absence makes the relationship more stronger. for sure it's not easy...lots of sacrifice, lots of patience, lots of loving and caring to one another. it's unbearable at times but you made your vows, when you really love someone the distance is just a fact. it's the true love and it's worth fighting for.

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How's the perfect guy/girl for you?

I want someone who I can share my playlist and my stories, someone that I can tell my secrets, i want someone who understands me, I want someone who hears not just listen, someone who remember me when wake up and when go sleep, someone who knows my quirks, someone who I can laugh and cry with, someone who send me texts messages in the middle of the night because they need someone to talk to. I want them to tell me their problems because they know I’ll listen. I want them to know I will always be there no matter what, I want a loyalty, I want someone that is honest with me, someone who won’t avoid me or push me away, someone who doesn’t take me for granted, someone who prefer to talk and not fight. I want a guy who will be there. I want someone to love me for who i am, I want someone to need me like I need them. And to be the priority.

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pick yourself up and stop beating yourself down. You matter and things are going to get better. please remember if it doesn't matter in 5 years, don't spend more than 5 minutes thinking about it, be grateful, be happy for no reason, smile a lot for people around, smile through the pain. There's sunshine behind the rain.

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I don't think I deserve love because this hurts me

you deserve love and the love you deserve will not send you mixed signals. love will not ignite false hopes, instead love will plant truthful hope and will commit to it. ove will be clear and it won’t leave you wondering in confusion. the love you deserve will not be hurtful at all. love will not leave you with scars or trauma. love will not call you names. love will not leave you crying yourself to sleep, feeling sorry about yourself. love will not walk away from you. the love you deserve will not be brimming with uncertainties. love knows who it wants and why. love will be sure, sure of you. the love you deserve will not make you feel bad about yourself. love will not belittle you. love will not judge you or your past. Instead love will accept you, despite of your cracks. love will recognize your issues and will listen to your anxieties and every single thing that goes on in your head – all your sentiments, worries and fears – and love will be eager to hear every single one of them. love will never make you question if you’ll ever be good enough. the love you deserve will prioritize you. love will not be selfish. the love you deserve will respect you one hundred percent. all your ideas, beliefs, attributes, plans and aspirations. love will always see the best in you. love will welcome you with open arms. love will not discourage you, your dreams or wishful thinkings. love will support you all out in whatever you yearn to do, love will motivate you and will perpetually whisper in your ear that you can be the person you’ve always longed to be. the love you deserve will be striking in its simplicity and it will find you. it will.

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hi...what's the best way to not give up on yourself? i know it's a weird question but I need advice

I know it's a hard situation but never give up, no matter what. You are alive for a reason, and you are here with a purpose, including yourself. You may have done something that you think is unforgivable or horrible, but everyone makes mistakes. I am sure you are such a beautiful person.You are here today, and that takes so much strength. Keep going, keep pushing through each day. Take it day by day, one day at a time. And always have hope. "Where there's hope, there's life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again." And remember NEVER GIVE UP no matter the circumstances. You are valuable, and you deserve to live and be happy. You should never give up on yourself, even if it feels like things will never get better. Have hope, and try, try, try.

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