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‏دل کی سننی چاہیے یہ دماغ کی ؟؟

آج کل کے دور میں دماغ کی 💯✨

part 1: serious question: if you are in love with this guy and he ditches you - then he came back for another chance- you gave him - he did again - and now you don’t wanna give him chance - but he starts writing your name with blade on arm - and promises you that he’ll never do it again -

He's a liar..
Iman Ali ka qol hai
Ky ek insan par do bar atbar naw kro.. maaf kr do mgr atbar dubra mat kro.
Don't mind but(Haram rishty kitny b suchy hon kbi kamyab nhi hoty jhoot or dhoka tu phly he a chuka hai )
Never spoil your life 🙏
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Tumhry abu ka askfm hai?

itx_nidaaaaayyyy’s Profile PhotoNida!
Beta har kici ky father askfm jassy he hoty hain unky liya bachpan sy ab tak har sawal ka jawab daty hain .. or thek daty hain 🙂
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