Ask @Mjan92:

Share any haunting incident 👻

جازبہ جعفر
Death, it always bothers me. Day or night or whatever time it is, it's on my mind. It has taken away the peace of my mind. I always wonder, who is gonna die first me, or my family members. How? When? Where? How is death going to feel? How is the body going to feel once the soul is out of it? We experience everything more than once, but not death. Death is the first and last experience. It just scares me. There is a lot more that I can't describe or put into words.

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Who was your very first crush..?

م الف ھ م
A girl name Farah from Tajikistan. She used to be in a school name 'al mawakeeb' nearby my school, I somehow found her name and nationality. I used to go out of school after last period, just to take glance at her from far away, and miss the bus to home. I used to waste money on taxi then to reach home. To this day she doesn't know I exist/existed. Sad life.

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