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Yeah I told her. It’s hard to tell him because he keeps talking about how dating while in college is not good cause I’ll lose focus or whatever

I didn't date in high school, I just didn't had the time, well if your dad doesn't want you to date the guy, maybe you can have a friendship till after highschool. Wished I had a good answer.
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How to tell my dad I have a boyfriend? I’m 19 and I’ve never had a boyfriend until now. I’m scared to tell him because he looks down on dating while in school.

I was encouraged to date when I was in high school, but a relationship never happened for me. I suppose tell him, maybe tell your mom. That is a tough thing.
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If u love someone and it has been almost one year and they r changing with u ? Is that a bad sign? Or it’s normal?

I would say that's normal if they're focusing on you and changing for you and love you.

Who is your main on Super Smash Brothers Ultimate???

I don't have that game, I did have melee for a bit, I used Captain Falcon, Link, Kirby, and Samus.

What do you think about Chris Brown? Love him, hate him.…. undecided (haha)...just what are your thoughts?

He's not a good person

A short relay: A daughter?or a son?? Cola?or Fanta?? By air✈or by land?? Mind?or beauty?? Apartment?or house?? Black◼or white◻? Strawberry?or banana?? Whale?or dolphins?? Анgel?or demon?? Sunny?☀or cloudy☁☔? Pass on to everyone you are following murr

Whatever I'm given, Cola, Both, Both, House, Both, Both, Both, Angel, Sunny

If you could turn back time, would you do it? Why?

Yes and no. Yes because I would had liked to get to know the girl in Middle School that liked me before I moved and date her, but no because I wouldn't had shaped into the person I am today if things had stayed the same.


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