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Would you eat rat meat?

Ewwww, no thanks, neither farm raised nor wild, it’s a little too exotic for my taste, I have a very sensitive gag reflex 🤮plus, considering a rat’s dietary habits....hmmm....who knows what’s inside their bellies. However, a year or two ago, I watched a documentary about a plane crash in the occupied my mind for days and it just popped up in my head again....If I were in such a situation and if eating rat meat is the only option to survive, I can’t be picky I guess. Things that seem impossible become....hmm...possible, I just hope the animal is well grilled, deboned and served in a puddle of spicy BBQ sauce🤞

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At what point are you good enough( evaluate yourself)? When are you self- improved enough to accept yourself?🙂

Selenophile(Adore bibliosmia )
Hi Basma, I believe we are never good enough, there is always room to improve, to grow, to move forward towards new goals and achieve more. If we were perfect, there’d be nothing for us to be striving for. No movement, no stagnation *yawns*
Despite my shortcomings, I accept myself for who I am, flaws and all. I’m comfortable in my skin.....most days :)

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The dick sculpture? 😲

Hahaha 😂 I believe I know which sculpture you are talking about, it’s Brancusi’s most controversial piece ...and no, I was more thinking of sth similar to Mlle Pogany or Danaide.
Btw, the sculpture in question is not a phallic symbol, Brancusi consistently denied it, it’s the essence of a woman 😂Here is a photograph of the prototype before he started to simplify and reduce its form. Convinced? Or maybe this piece does in deed reflect the Freudian unconscious mind that controls us? :)

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+3 answers in: “what would your dream home look like?”

This is amazing! Sooo beautiful! Very relaxing and chilling, the kind of music that makes you close your eyes and take you "somewhere else", somewhere you love, where whom you love the most is there! :)... thank you for sharing this and please... do this more often ❤

Actually, this is Gustav’s “love- letter” for Alma :) Shortly after they had met he composed the adagietto for her. No words needed, Alma understood, because....well...our hearts and ears are closely connected :)
Perhaps you like the adagio from his 9th- his last completed symphony- as much as I do.

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If you could own any famous painting, what would choose for your dream home?

Hmmm, I think it’s a huge responsibility to own any famous work of art and honestly, I believe they belong in a museum so everyone has the opportunity to view and admire them. There are so many art works in private possession, some on display at collectors’ homes, many hidden or stored away at places like the Geneva Freeport. We, the public will never see these works 😢it’s a shame!!!
But well...back to my dream home....I’m not sure if I would want something on the walls...with all the windows...there is not a lot of wall space...I’d probably choose a sculpture, something similar to a Branusci sculpture of the smaller scale pieces.

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+3 answers in: “what would your dream home look like?”