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P S Y C H O O ✌
Assalamualaikum everyone !! My door is always open. ANYONE who needs to chat or speak is always welcome to me, just give me a text any time In Sha Allah I'll reply asap. It's not good suffering in silence. Your life's too precious, don't suffer in silence. Suicide is never a solution nor should it be an option. You are beloved, let it sink into your soul.
Just talk to me and I will always listen, with no judgment at all. I'll be here for you. ❤
Could at least one friend, please copy and repost (not share) this? We can demonstrate that someone is always listening.
Lets share late-night thoughts.
#SuicideAwareness #DepressionAwareness
Copied ❤

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Thought on asia bibi case?

This was totally a false blasphemous allegation against an innocent woman. I must say honourable CJ and Justice Asif Khosa has written a brilliant 56 pages judgement on this case included verses from Quran, Hadiths etc.
I don't know when the so called Muslims of our society will stop dragging and brutally killing innocent people in the name of Prophet, The prophet(P.B.U.H) who always taught to Forgive! Islam always taught us the freedom of every religion even the constitution of Pakistan!

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How can people become Happy..!? 🌠

GhaNii RajpOot
One can only become happy by inner peace and satisfaction. You're working hard for your life goals and dreams to attain happiness but if you don't find true happiness, if you don't feel that the thing you're doing rn is for you or you're meant to do that. If you don't feel that then don't do it! Always always trust your gut instincts. If your heart is not giving good and positive vibes for something then leave that thing. The path your heart shows may seem so long and often a difficult jorney full of pains and sorrows but that is it's promise with it's s traveller, A happy successful life ❤

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Post something . 🌠

Just a little wish, I hope someday we'll meet again. I desperately need you back in my life .You were the friend who was a world to me. I'm all alone without you, yk I've so many things to tell you. There is a vacant place in my life which none can fill except you. In this tough time, I need you very badly.

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Drop some deep quotes.

1: It's good to fail.
2: It doesn't matter what other people think.
3: Hard work always pay off.
4: You need to know how to say NO.
5: More money doesn't always make you happier.
6: Communication is a key for a successful relationship.
7: You need to be flexible.
8: Stay away from toxic people.
9: Giving will make you happier. :-)

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OL: Moattar tumhare bare mai kia kahun meray pas alfaaz hi nhi hain 😅 btw You’re ❤️ Mai har pal Dua krti hun tumhai tumhara jawab mil jaye 😂 Don’t forget that “Mai hun na” 😅

Hahaha tysm yar.. 💖💖 ye lo ye dil tumhary lia.. donu😂
Aur han bs ab mujhy answer na mila tou mera dil mai crack pr jaye ga😂

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Answer the following questions with a YES or NO: Ever been in a relationship? Ever tried to be in a relationship? Do you hate men? Do you look forward to choose your life partner from internet? Do you flirt or ever did that in life? Do you have a foul mouth? Have you written a lie in these answers?

I'm a sach bolny wala person😂

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