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My Lovely Friends ❤❤❤~

If you have crazy friends you have everything ❤❤❤
@Namjoo_hyuk ✌ You and I are more than friends... We're like a really small gang xD
@BaeChu__ ✌ Our conversations are impossible to understand by other people xD If anyone see it our life will end 😆😆
@Siwon1987_ ✌ If you were a tear in my eye I would never want to cry because I would be scared to lose you ❤❤
@Jenissi_real ✌ My teacher thanks for what did you teach me ... Be sure if anyone hurt you I can make his death look like an accident xD
@Chen88EXO ✌ My bb Chen you who makes me laugh ... When i think i will never smile again and keep smile always.. smile cuz you can..not cuz you have to :')
@Realonesubin ✌ You never let me do silly things... ALONE xD
@LeeJaeJin1 ✌ Life is too short to be serious all the time... So if you can't laugh at yourself call me ,I will laugh at you 😆😆
@Watasiwahyo_GG ✌ More beautiful than all the stars that shine is the heart of a loving friend ❤❤
@heybiblees ✌ My lady i'm in love with you ,You make the word "Love" seem hollow and super ficial.. How can i describe my adoration? I would die for you ,The dilemma is that I'm a girl also xD
@RealMino ✌ Your bestfriend who will never let you down and alone... And i won't ^-^ That's promise ^-^
@eujin4t ✌ My bb you who always can see the truth and pain in me even when i fooling everyone else ❤❤
@Littleprincessseo ✌ Our friendship is the candle that lights up our hearts wherever it is dark outside ❤❤
@XXXXIBGDRGN__ ✌ If I could take a star out of the sky every time you made me smile, the whole night sky would be in my hand
@secrettime_hana ✌ It’s impossible to stay angry about something when you tries to cheer me up ❤❤
@xXVernonXx ✌ A ring is round it has no end, and that's how long i'll be your friend
@shineekimkibum_ ✌ We are friends always remember that if you fall ,I will pick you up... After i finish laughing xD
............. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ ..............
A friend will call you an idiot, but a best friend will not only call you one but act like one with you. thats me and my best friends xD

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