Ask @Moinctg:

What do you think causes self-confidence ? Is it something that one is born with or does one have to make a lot of effort and work on themselves in order to gain it eventually?

Self confidence mostly comes within Genes.. Self confidence often refers to have some Arrogance and lots of Self-trust. For me, my father is very arrogant person, he does only the things he feels like.. Never likes to listen to anyone. Also kind.. Maybe I got his Arrogance inside me. I'm so confident in most of the things.. I mean, I Fail. But I Fail very very Confidently !! Ha Ha Ha ..
Trust me, you need so much effort for Self Confidence too. You need to build your Empire so well that you get to have trust on your gut every single moment.. It comes eventually too. Depends on a person.

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স্কুল/কলেজে প্রিয় বিষয় কি ছিল ? (STAIF)

স্কুল কলেজ পালানোর চেয়ে মজার আর প্রিয় জিনিস আর কিছুই ছিলোনা। স্যার দের কাছে মাইর খাওয়াও একরকম মজার ছিলো। ক্লাসের বাইরে বের করে দিলে সারা স্কুল ঘুরে আসতাম। আহা কতো সুন্দর জীবন ছিলো, ক্যামনে জানি সময়টা চলে গেসে...

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