Ask @MoizAsad:

What do you wish?

Ayesha H. Khan
I want that each of us look for and notice the goodness and beauty that is all around us in every moment, and then we vigorously the treasure with one another just you and me,
Take More risks, Don't be such a wimp seriously, If something sounds too good to be true, it is. A little skepticism never hurts, And we all die in the end, do you really think it matters when people think of you ??

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Are you in Love? 😈

Wajiha Gillani
Love makes you humble, caring and Pure, If your soul is pure your love is pure just try to find the darkness of your soul and ramp it, You desting will be the shadow of your heart if your love makes a person more valuable in their eyes you are on right way, Sometimes other person doesn't understand your feelings but you keep on trying to make them happy with your funny and lame jokes but they don't understand what you are trying to say and one day they kick you out and you would be out of your mind, heart and you will break down and you wouldn't like anything but after sometime you will get a response from your heart just got chill and someday they will understand wht they have done and they will be ashmed of that, wait for that and even they wouldn't say that still they will be your favourite for life, someday they will heal your heart wounds and tears with their words, You have to be positive and wait for that moment, ♥️

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How do You know when you’re in love?

Someday, Somehow and Sometime they will understand their decision not to talk was totally wrong like effing piece of shit, however this'd be so cringy but they will understand when someone hurts badly he doesn't recovers ever but their love makes a new shadow and this shadow covers and conquer their heart at once, and then they will have no choice and chance to come back, True feelings and love hurts, which will burn your soul and your words you won't be to say anything else depression, And at last you will be dead, and they will be someone's else fairy, Strange, Rather very strange 💯

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Share your best advice. 💯

If you are low sometimes then try to stop negative thought running in your mind, If you are feeling irritating then stop being so lazy and make yourself a strong person to tackle all the hardships of life, If you are a strong person from inside you can face every situation but remember one thing if you are strong enought to make your enemies cry you can conquer everyone's heart, 💯

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