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Share an open letter to someone without mentioning their name.

Tanuja Bhatnagar
Open letter
I have so much to tell to the person who is reading this.
But I don't know how much you could invest in this.
Best guess is you are feeling that you are all alone in this pit.
My advice is to count your days and make your nights count.
Live for the moments and take care of yourself
I hope this letter gets to you before time.
Caz it's a little late for me, I'm going crazy ( out of my mind ).
Life is beautiful no doubt if you enjoy watching it from distance.
My life is like a dark comedy. It's super fun filled with sorrows throughout my life.
The reason I am writing this letter is not to complain but to reason my thoughts for the person who feels insane.
I feel the same every day, I felt like life is not worth living for and everything that we have been told is a lie. There is no meaning of life, no afterlife, and no almighty divine.
I still don't believe in anything like that. But on the contrary, a mortal changed my nihilist mentality.
Became the polar star for my bipolar persona, kept a check on my insanity.
I learned that there is no predefined meaning of life. Or no singular meaning of existence for everybody.
She made me realize that there is only one goal in life which is to grow as a person on a personal level.
And Keep growing throughout your life, you can never stop the growth.
Grow mature and smart and understanding.
That doesn't mean that you would having fun or you can't act a fool. But you would become more aware that when it is a good time to act childish and when you have to get your act together.
Talking about this is really easy. Believe it I know, I am too just starting with this new path I found.
I am writing this open letter for all those people who feel like they are lost in this concrete jungle. Or they are just another corporate slave working 5 days a week from 9 to 5.
Just know this doing working is a necessary thing to get the quality of life.
I have more to say.. but there is word limit here!
Lots of love
Moksh Vashisht!

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