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Are you friends with Ben Spiers, Kelly Woods and Freya Avison? If not, why?

Not even in the slightest. I have no interest of being friends with them again either. No. Please leave~
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if you ever need someone to listen to you feel free to message me sometime ^^ (same name on Facebook)

Aw thankyou!! ;u; Thats super kind considering I'm a stranger, xD
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hey,I don't really know who you are,you just happened to appear in my ask feed but you seem really nice and I hope the anon hate stops soon because you don't deserve this. <3

Thank you so much <3
I've turned anon off now, and the person is still on my facebook (my friendcount hasnt gone down) so it's over, for now, but it'll probably come back~

Anon, if you don't like her updates or find her annoying, then do a simple thing like unfriending. What you're doing is technically harrassment and you think hiding behind anon makes you the bigger person, when in reality, it makes you look like a cowardly asshole.

;-; <33

Just stating facts :) you're not a cosplay queen so don't act like one, your costumes look awful.

I don't act like one?

And you're still shit at cosplay. Shock

So? Are you trying to get at me or...? Because it's just dumb.

also hi yes anon sorry but frankie is allowed to get upset over things and it is her facebook and if you don't like it you can stop looking at her updates by unfollowing her. advice from gary oak 2014

ThatGaryOak’s Profile PhotoGary Oak

The fact you've written ANOTHER attention seeking status about it shows how much of a child you are. Boo hoo poor Frankie. Grow the fuck up

THEN FUCKING DELETE ME. Seriously. It's not gonna stop. Also, spell my name right? Thank.

Wish you would grow up and act your age instead of a 15 year old girl that takes everything to heart and feels it's great to write every tiny thing on Facebook for attention. Fucking hell

I'm 20. Almost 21. I take things to heart BECAUSE IT HURTS. Because people send me hurtful things and it gets to me. How about instead of sending stupid shit over an anonymous form on ask.fm YOU grow the fuck up, and reveal yourself. Or are you that much of a prick you can't even do that? Leave.

Have you considered cosplaying Hinata from Naruto?


Do you watch Bleach, if so who is your favorite character?

Not as much as I used too, but I try to keep up! Orihime and Nel are my favourites. :)

How much do you spend on monthly on Cosplays (make up, costumes etc)? Btw, they look effing awesome.

As little as possible without looking like a primarni advocate!

But I'm the most obvious black person ever I'm just a big hunk of jail bait but I'm pretty sure I'm still taller than you even tho I just turned 16

Just turned 16?? I??? I DON'T KNOW IM SO SORRY.


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