Ask @Mom0ki:

Di 5 verdades sobre ti y 5 mentiras

5 truths and 5 lies? I don't know what to do for the 5 lies so I'll just do truths~
1. Green tea ice cream is my favorite dessert
2. Shiki Ichinose is my favorite anime character of all time
3. I have been acting since I was eleven
4. I very much enjoy testing and smelling different perfumes
5. My favorite fruits are, in no particular order, strawberries, white peaches, and raspberries!

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Why is Shiki x Frederica the best <3

Jeffrey Oviedo
Because their designs compliment each other so well! Shiki has long hair, Frederica has short; Shiki has brown hair, Frederica has blonde; Shiki has blue eyes, Frederica has green.... The list goes on and on! Plus, their personalities fit well together! They are really great friends and you can get that through the text.

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Have you done any projects lately Caitlin? Besides the ocassional voicing of Midori, I haven't seen you in anything recently. If your not currently doing projects, will you be working on them soon? I really enjoy your voice work

Carl Lipsey
Thank you for the compliment! I've been doing a lot of auditions lately, but other then that recent projects are few. I'll keep pushing doing my best to get an exciting role!

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