How did you thought of the name Mom0ki for your channel?

Kind of a weird story. I was obsessed with the name Momo because it was the name of one of my favorite anime characters! I thought just the name "Momo" was too plain, so I thought I'd add on an honorific, but I quickly discarded that idea. I went through Momoka, Momoko, and Momoni (originally, one of those was going to be used as my alias, leaning towards Momoka, which I got the "Ka' from utaite "Ritsuka" and I really like names that end on the a sound!) but I then, after looking thinking about it more, I decided to make it "ki" instead of "ka" and I instantly fell in love with it! I liked it even more when I found Kanji (桃姫) meaning "Peach Princess," or "Princess Peach." Of course since Princess Peach was always my favorite Mario character, I couldn't resist!

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