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Post a picture of your shoes!

What is your favorite ice cream?

Peppermint with chocolate chips ice cream!

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don't trust ducks theyre evil

I love roasted Peking duck!

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Overthinking kills? :)

It controls your brain, makes you lose your mind and you'll feel like stabbing yourself, poke your eyes with forks, cut your wrists, etc over and over and overrrrrrrr!

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Hi mon :) I know you love me ^^

I know, I love me too. :D

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Green Tea Cream Frappuccino ♥

Iced Caramel Macchiato. :3

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What three things in life you want more than anything else?

LOVE. FAMILY (including friends who turn into family) and MONEY.

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What is your favorite type of pie?

How do you cheer up a friend when they're feeling down?

I dont know if I ever cheered them up or not.

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what does "cibai" means?

What's the biggest lie your parents told you growing up?

"Mommy, where I came from?"
"From the rubbish bin."

Hahaha I miss my mommy. Happy mother's day!

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What two animals, if combined, would make for an awesome animal?

Eleduck, Frocroc, Rhinochicken, Gorilphant, Bulldogrilla, Guinealion, Sharkhorse.

You choose!

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What's the largest amount of money you've ever lost?

Rm200+ angpao magically disappear years ago and is still a mystery.

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Are you a traveler or a homebody?

Homebody during the days; traveler during the nights.

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Wait. Typo.


Sorry, U and I are so close to each other.

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Have you been to Australia? If not, would you like to visit?

I'd love to!

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?

10 when showering in the bathroom.

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Who knows the most about you?

All those people who are/were close to me.

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*Insert sex related question here*

George Ponujuo Barin

*Insert horny answer here*

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i miss you! haha

Yeah, I miss myself too. :p

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ms. momo! where are the food you stole from me!

Food, what food? Hehe hehe.

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ever squirt?

All I really need to understand is, when you, talk dirty to me. *tereret tet tererereret terererereret teret*

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Is shopping a form of entertainment for you?

For entertainment, I shop for food, not clothes or bags or heels whatever. I guess people must be sick of seeing me wearing the same thing everytime we hang out.

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do u wear bra and panties when u at home?

Excuse me, home is where the bra comes off.

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