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So why does the fairy tale happen for everyone else but me 😞😞😞

Have faith and patience 🙂

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Everytime I get rejected by a guy I go get a cosmetic procedure done to correct flaws.. It helps me cope with the rejection. Is that sinister? It helps me a lot . I’ve had numerous procedures

I’m so sorry to hear that but please you are beautiful in your own way dont let them get to you. The physical beauty eventually fades, its the inner beauty that will always shine through.

If you could have the attention of the world for one minute, what would you say?

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Please be kind to one another and spread love.

What’s your opinion on tipping?

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It should be optional. Should not be expected especially since some people cannot afford to tip.

Is it weird to be early to mid twenties and still living with your parents?

Not at all, its very common in a lot of different cultures


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