Ask @Mooshkie123:

What do you think about skateboard or longboard? Can you skate?

I don't like either and no I can't skate lol. One time, I was using a skateboard when I was younger and the skateboard rolled out from under me and I fell backwards, ended up slamming the back of my head on concrete (no helmet) and also hurting my back. Haven't used one since. Never again.

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What is your ideal girlfriend/boyfriend? In general, what are your preferences?

Boy: Has to be taller than me (or the same height as me is fine too)
Girl: My height (or shorter than me bc I dig short girls)
Both: Honest, a good sense of humor, loves me for who I am, is respectful, and is not afraid to be who they are around me, and also doesn't care what people think.

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