Ask @Morgan2k16:

who are your bestest friends c:

I have a lot of friends but my soild friend group aka the people i talk to on a daily basis are
Brendan - Sakaoi
Amiah - Yakaoi
Nate - Kwoopa
Cat - Japonesque
Shelby - Makellos
Aiden - Zelante
Bri - Noceri
Katelyn - iOozi
Carson - Pastelly
Kendall - KendaIIs
Roch - Chaoticmaster124
Kyle - Ky_lo
José - Nilvou
Amber - Ambamby
Anh - CookiesDesigns
Paige - Redr11

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Every beautiful star you see in the sky; full of light and shine, seemingly peace and calm, is a burning ball of pain, flaming tons of vibrant fire in hush. You know not what the star goes through to appear the way it is, people know not what you've been or are going through, yet, they judge! Mr.A

Thats a beautiful representation. Thank you for sharing that with me.

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