Ask @MorganBabe:

When you were in the chive you were happy, inspired us every day, everybody liked you. Now you're always arguing, seem sad and angry, and nobody in exposed likes you. What happened? Something changed. Are you safe? Do you need our help? I can talk to Todd or Jordan. I know they would help. You ok?

I’m the same I’ve always been. I don’t share anything in the Chive anymore, so I’m not “inspiring” anyone online. Idk the people in my life know I’m happy, I am never very happy on exposed.. considering it’s an entire group of people who continuously attack me.

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Bitttcchhhh you retweeted that post on twitter about Kim being the cheating military wife, but you can’t talk!!! You are married to a military man and having sex with another guy. And WATCH I bet you won’t reply to me because you a scared little bitttchhh and don’t want anyone to see this

Lol Noah and I have been legally separated for years now. He and I are friends 😂 We are getting divorced. Nobody is cheating on anyone. I am ONLY with Andre. Bye.

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What is the one thing you regret doing or not doing the most in your life?

I regret somethings involving a friend of mine who committed suicide in 2016. I still carry a lot of guilt, even though I realize it wasn’t my fault. The last conversation we had was an argument over a stupid towel.
Always tell people you love them, or you might never be able to.

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