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Do You Miss Your Last Relationship?

sometimes i don't think it was the relationship, more of just the idea of the relationship itself


no we do not, i connect with them every now and then, maybe at most once every week or two, we're all very busy and live different lives AND THAT IS OKAY

I would usually ask my friend if they could check if my math homework was correct and they today told me “I don’t want to” and I Ofc I understand and am cool with it but I feel kinda bad and awkward about it, nothing had changed and we called today but what should I do now to make it up to them?

sometimes friends are very busy, i would recommend downloading some of those apps that can check (or solve) math problems for you, honestly i'm an english major so i don't know the names exactly but i have heard they are helpful and don't take your friends being busy as them not caring

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Follow and dm on ig: Boris_tmv he’s 19 years old and he wants a girlfriend

i a-okay, i got a mans on the way

Wanna be my friend?

i love friends, follow my tiktok and see my river rules for some of the main things that my friends and i follow (@mrsbarrybbenson)

What's the best thing about getting older in your opinion?

the amount of freedom you get (moving out, making your own decisions and seeing what repercussions you get out of it), so i suppose just lesson learning

Do you have a consistent sleep schedule? What’s your before bed routine?

princess_savvy666’s Profile Photoprincess_savvy666
i probably fall asleep around 11pm during the week but i take extra strength melatonin for that con the weekends i fall asleep some time before 2am normally but also with the same melatonin


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