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Why the fuck was you drunk last night you pregnate.

First off, it's spelled PREGNANT. Secondly, idk wtf your talking bout I haven't had any liquor or been drunk since I found out I was PREGNANT.

You like being pregnat?

Uhhh yeah for the most part, sometimes it can take a toll on you but the thing I hate most about it is the 9 month wait. I'm impatient I wanna see my baby now.

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Is your fammily happy about you being pregnate?

At first it was a shock, but now that I'm further along they can't wait for him to get here. He will be spoiled.

Congrats on your baby boy never thought you'd have a kid now but still congrats and I wish you best of luck

Trust me I ain't think I'd be having a kid either but shit happens. Thanks tho, I need lots of luck.

What songs are on your sex playlist?

Oooooo good one loveeeee song, Bria's interlude, cece's interlude, boing, climax, like a virgin again, so anxious, too freaky, dance 4 dollas, fuck u all the time, extremely blessed are my favorite ones but I got many more on there.

Hey your nasty now why? I would have never thought you'd do those things smh sad

Lmao well the last time I checked I was grown and why are you concerned about what I do? Plus you prolly don't even know what your talking about.

i am going to kill myself one day because i am unemployed & no girlfriend

Ummmm ok? Just know your going to hell for it tho.

What's the craziest place you ever gave head

The craziest place would have to be the movie theatre, I can't think I nothing crazier then that.

What are your turn ons?

A dude with a lot of confidence, a nice face, who always keep it real, and a real gentleman who treats me like a princess lol
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