Ask @MouhammadFASy:

@itstaytayxx asks, "What drives you crazy mad?”

1. Interrupting
2. Lack of eye contact
3. Holding side conversations
4. No response or feedback
5. Asking questions that have already been answered or are irrelevant
6. Correcting grammar or word choice
7. Completing sentences
8. Showing lack of interest
9. Walking away during the conversation while claiming to be listening
10. Answering before a question has been answered
11. Looking at his or her watch frequently
12. Appearing impatient
13. Saying they understood but showing that they did not
14. Disagreeing with everything said
15. Sitting too close
16. Bad breath
17. Allowing distractions to interfere
18. Throat clearing
19. Answering their phone or reading their email
20. Doodling
21. Combing or twirling hair
22. Nervous mannerisms such as finger tapping
23. Blank stare
24. Shuffling papers
25. Reading printed material
26. Chewing gum
27. Smoking
28. Abruptly changing the subject
29. Using a speaker phone
30. Putting on makeup

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