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How come you don't like The Dark Knight Rises?

It's okay

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How can a bad show stand out compared to other bad shows?

Not be mediocre/forgettable.

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What did you think of Eleanor in Tales of Berseria?

Nice girl. Good contrast to the rest of the characters.

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What's your opinion of the Korean's The Vengeance trilogy movies?

Good movies

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What's your opinion of the Mission: Impossible movies?

Kinda like the first one and Rogue Nation was a pretty good action blockbuster. The other three don't do it for me (Ghost Protocol has great setpieces and did a good job at revitalizing the franchise, but the generic villain makes it hard to rewatch)

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To what extent is your movie experience affected when you watch it without subtitles?

A decent amount because my ears aren't the greatest.

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What's your opinion of the Fast and Furious movies?

They're okay for the most part. My brother considers it his favorite action movie franchise while I think what comes from there are some of the better attempts at pure action exploitation. I could do without the need to connect everything together and they can get too bloated at times, but overall they're fun testosterone pieces.

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What's your favorite of the Zero Escape games?

Zero Time Dilemma, and I'm not saying that because I think it's a great game. I like it because it has the best gameplay of the series and I like what it could have been. Regardless of whether or not you hate it, you can't deny that it was the story that Uchikoshi wanted to tell and although it got shortchanged by railroad-y events and a confusing finale, the end goal of Zero Escape in general is to challenge player expectations with all the plot points regarding Radical 6 and stuff solely existing to do that. So in that regard, I'd say ZTD was a success, even though I don't think it excelled at it. Seriously Uchikoshi, enough with the constant overlong sci-fi lectures and quantum physics.

Not to mention the LPs for it are hilarious. I could watch people reacting to Delta's existence all day.

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What are your thoughts on the tonal drifts from the Drifters anime? Are they the worst you've seen?

They were pretty bad. Think Black Butler's and Akame ga Kill's were worse though.

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What are your top 5 favorite action movies? You don't have to rank them.

The Toxic Avenger is my favorite action film. After that, I dunno. There's lots that I like. Terminator 2, Die Hard, The Matrix, Pirates of the Carribean, The Raid, several Hong Kong films, etc.

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Who is Ultimate Bullshit? And is the anime blogging business lucrative enough to hire people to do some of the work?

Anthonius Hideyo

Ultimate Bullshit is a sucker I hired free of charge to help me out with some of the muckier aspects of anime and I'm sure nothing bad will happen to me as a result of his mucking about since I have to approve everything he submits...wait is that a meteor outside my window?

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What are the stuff that you like about the 1989's Batman movie more than most superhero movies you've seen?

One big problem with most superhero movies is that the villains are absolute crap with no chemistry between the heroes and comic-book plots that have no tension whatsoever. Batman and the Joker pretty much created each other in the Burton film leading to a great relationship, plus the dark gothic atmosphere does an alright job at selling the camp atmosphere.

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What movies can you think of where you disliked the ending plot-twist?

I didn't really like the reveal that the entirety of the Lego Movie was actually some kid's playset. It didn't tie in well with Emmett's arc, and it seemed like it only existed to make the villain more sympathetic/grounded.

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What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

Insert generic Empire Strikes Back answer here.

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Do you hate a main character who "never kills"?

Depends on the fiction, really.

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What was the funniest moment for you in Great Teacher Onizuka?

The entirety of the vacation arc

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What is the best direct-to-video Disney movie you've seen?

I'm pretty sure I said in my review for it that it's Cinderella 3

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What had the most disappointing ending? Danganronpa 3 or Zero Escape 3?

Zero Escape's easily. The whole "there's always a bad ending no matter what you pick" element was incredibly mismatched and it has that usual Uchikoshi problem of sacrificing momentum in order to explain the logistics behind it (honestly, I don't care about the Delta thing being improbable because at least it led to interesting discussion regarding mystery rules and all that).

I actually think Danganronpa 3's ending is good on paper with the exception of Kyoko's revival (I know people pick apart Tengan's ludicrous plan, but I give it a pass because it at least makes the plot go somewhere interesting), but the execution felt rushed. That 2.5 thing helped clear up some stuff, but I still would have liked to see the 77th class talk things out more.

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What was the most awkward place you were at to watch anime?

Watching Hundred and The Tatami Galaxy on the train to work was a mistake.

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Which Indiana Jones movie do you like more and why. Temple of Doom or The Last Crusade?

Been too long since I've seen either to answer that

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Are there any "pro-war" movies do you like?

People like pro-war movies?

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Who are your favorite Youtubers?

Doug Walker, Chris Stuckmann, Jim Sterling, Projared, Yahtzee Croshaw, Joe Vargas, Gigguk, Brad Jones, Todd Nathanson, NicoB, Black Nerd, SomeCallMeJohnny, Kaggy...that's about all I can think of (also kinda bummed there aren't any females in there, but Sarah on Brad Jones' channel is cool to listen to)

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What was the funniest moment for you in 21 Jump Street?

Any time Ice Cube is on screen

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What is your top 3 favorite pizza toppings?

Pepperoni, sausage, and pineapple

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What recent anime you watched where you had low expectations coming in and somehow ended up being a lot worse than you thought?

Pretty much every anime on my worst list from 2016

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