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"Steel yourself, children . You face an opponent not mortal, but divine . You face . . . My son . Go then, and if successful, we shall finally meet . . . . . . . ."

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"Wait who are you?"
*Green looks around, they're facing something divine, he worries for @forgottenfifth for the Golden Goddesses and Hylia would all be extremely dangerous to his shadow. He has no idea what type of divine they'll be facing*

His sister, the closest one to him, was poisoned by a demon's Crown . And yet, his parents did nothing, not out of ill intent, but because there was naught they could do . She died in the coming years, and he was consumed with grief . . . And hate .

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*Green peers through the scroll*
"So this all started because a man was consumed by hate over what happened to his sister? For some reason that feels familiar."

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The Nightgaunt would shriek right then, an impossible horror emerging from the old man's mouth, a mouth of it's own wrapped around it's head in a spiral, the eyes, ears and nostrils randomly placed . " We will meet soon enough . Strike now, and good luck, child of Hylia . . . "

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*Green strikes at the eldritch creature in the Dream as presumably his real body does the same in Hyrule*

The voice booms again, not hurting as much so as to not break concentration . " The Nightgaunt can only be slain if struck in both planes, mental and physical . I will guide your waking body, wait until the beast shrieks, then strike the final blow . "

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"You will guide- wait you're controlling my real body in Hyrule!?"
*You had to bring his attention to it*

" You fight . . . Just as I fought . . . " Says the old man in a full tone, as it's body assailed the other rapidly and savagely . " But why do you fight ? All men die, in the end . You are all valiant children, doomed to hang in future's chains . . . "

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"I fight, because I have people worth fighting for!"
*Green meets every blow, his thoughts on Zelda, the Colors, Shadow, his father, the knights, everyone who has ever mattered to him, every strike of the sword contains his hopes of protecting them and returning to them*
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As said before, his Four Sword would glow grey, both in the dream world and in the grey . All of the colors noticing the horror's sudden panic at the event, in all it's forms, as it began focusing it's efforts on the heroes, the old man falling upon Green like a huge, demented wild beast .

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*Green blocks the transformed elder with his grayed blade, the falling flesh met with the biting sacred metal, he's far stronger than he looks able to hold off the beast*

A voice suddenly booms, not out loud, but in Green's head . " Little one . . . The nightmare you face is formidable, but it can only extinguish your light if you allow it . Do not give up . Even if it breaks you completely, do not give up . Fight back, I will help you . "

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*Green grits his teeth against the pain of the echoing voice, but looks up in defiance*
"I have never given up before, and I never will! If we could take down Vaati and Ganon we can accomplish anything."

*In Linked Universe, Four, which is what the Link that splits into the Colors calls himself, is incredibly small, despite being in his 20's he's smaller than the 14 year old, that is because of all the use of Minish magic as a child*

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*Doesn't stop the others from making fun of him from time to time*
@GrimReapings @NeoTheSkrix @Gorogorogorochan @AbyssParty @PyromaniaRed @AngryBlueLink @Stoicviolet @forgottenfifth
In Linked Universe Four which is what the Link that splits into the Colors calls

*there’s a knock at Green’s door* “Green, problem, while Shadow and I were dealing with some sort of curse @PyromaniaRed was taken…”

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*There's the sound of rushing around from inside the room as within moments Green throws the door open, haphazardly dressed, his sword belt not even on right*
"What!? Red was taken?! By what? Who? Does Blue know!?"
*The two overhear this sequence of events https://ask.fm/AngryBlueLink/answers/172127452927 https://ask.fm/AngryBlueLink/answers/172127498239 *

Eesh... You aren't mad at me right green?

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"Should I be mad at you? I hope not, I just want to relax. Sprinting all the way up here from the knights barracks is exhausting even without the added stressors of a possible incoming panic attack."

I'll ask him how he does it...I'm cute and it doesn't stop anyone from punting me for distance.. Blue and Shadow are alot alike though..Both easily angered ...Protective of their partners.

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"Well all of us are protective of Red, if I thought you had hurt him somehow I'd cut you down myself. Considering everything Vio and Shadow have been through to end up together again, including Vio defying the will of the goddesses themselves, it's little surprise they're so attached."

Oh! He's a simp like Shadow good to know.

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"Uh, I wouldn't call either of them that anywhere within hearing range. Besides that word doesn't really fit either of them anyways. Though Red's kicked puppy eyes can make even the most cold-blooded bastard suddenly find his heart."

Are you sure?He was mad yes but he didn't do anything to me..

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"Well you didn't actually mess up his room, you just got into that box. At least we know the charm Zelda placed on it worked, if anyone aside from Red, Blue or myself opens it, we all immediately know. Besides Red was there right? If he got a sad or upset look from his boyfriend Blue would have let you run off unharmed."
Are you sureHe was mad yes but he didnt do anything to me

No it was just me I shouldnt of been in there ...

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*He turns his face to look at her, but is otherwise still sprawled on the couch*
"You went in Blue's room? Do you have a death wish? He's worse than a Cucco revenge mob if you make a mess of his space."

Um are you okay..?

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"Just lemme lie down for awhile, I think I had a heart attack after my panicked sprint up here. I thought Vio had gotten into the knives, with Shadow injured I was worried he might have dipped."

"No, anon, look I gotta get back before he freaks." *He slips back into his and Vio's shared room*

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*Green lets out a series of swears as he sets down the weapons, he heads into his room to get something. He comes back with a bottle of a dubious looking potion. He makes fresh stew and slips some of the potion into it*
"Shadow better be able to get him to eat this, and we'll probably need to use a different sleeping potion soon..."
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*Shadow manages to slip away for a moment* "Oh thank Farore someone's right here, Green we have a possessive problem."

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*Green had been in the main living area, he was busy polishing all their various weapons, well not Blue's since he would never manage to clean anything to Blue's standards, but when he hears those words come from Shadow he bolts upright looking at him with worried eyes*
"Din Dammit what in Hylia's name happened!? Did he lose track of you for too long?"
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