Ask @MrJacobWhitesides:

are u on instagram

i knew taking 2 years off to explore my sound would take away some of the momentum i’d built over the previous years, but holy shit taking the time to get it right is more fulfilling than i ever could have imagined i feel like i’m starting over and doing it how i want this time, it all feels so fresh and new and i’m in love with music again.. so worth it.

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Are you Friends with Jonah again?

Yes we are. Look i'll be honest, a few years ago when we had this unnecessary fight, which i started, i was in a tough phase, not feeling well and had a lot going on. But with time i realized how stupid it was yanno? He's still one of my closest friends & i'm glad to be on good terms with him. He's some real one, one of those peeps who're kinda special & you can depend on.

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