Ask @MrJacobWhitesides:

Are you Friends with Jonah again?

Yes we are. Look i'll be honest, a few years ago when we had this unnecessary fight, which i started, i was in a tough phase, not feeling well and had a lot going on. But with time i realized how stupid it was yanno? He's still one of my closest friends & i'm glad to be on good terms with him. He's some real one, one of those peeps who're kinda special & you can depend on.

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Jacob Whitesides
Lennon, ur my god damn everything fr. Y'all this girl is the most amazing, kind-hearted ,genuine, down to earth Person I've ever met. Sry guys to tell, but she is all mine , so don't even try to hit on my Woman. 😎 Im a lucky ass to can call her mine, she's a real one. Idk what i would do without her, she is the light of my life, she makes my bad days better n deals with my stuff, although she got a lot of stuff by herself to deal with. I god damn love you Baby girl & im super proud of u ! Can't wait to see you on the stage n rockin' it bc ik my girl is fine af. U gonna have the best Tour ever Len, I love you sm .

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