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"God mother ducking damn it you fat piece of iron crap the lady and I are sharing a moment why do you have to ruin everything I was enjoying being kicked in the face". Hawkeye turns back to BW "what were you saying bby, my sweet, my one and only poisonous bug?" "I was saying..... THIS IS FOR ISTANBU

Suddenly Iron Man pulls of his mask and dons a fedora. The Iron Man suite activates its built in pussy magnet and all women in a EVERYWHERE radius suddenly have slept with tony stark and hawkeye is now gay

Tweet tweet motherfucker Hawkweye's up in yo grill ready to fuck you up gonna use up all the characters ready for a fanfic. One day Hawkeye's in his nest, eating worms, sitting on random eggs he acquired from an egg box when up crawls Black Widow. She kicks him in the face and says that's for Istan



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