Ask @Mr_Monster_69:

What are best friends for?❤🍃

Zoey the penguin❤
1. To care as mother.
2. To scold and teach as father.
3. To laugh and fight as siblings.
4. To guide as teachers.
5. To support in difficult times.
6. To celebrate in good times.
7. To never judge you in spite of your idiosyncrasies.
8. To provide help late in night.
9. To explore the world.
10. To share loneliness.
11. To laugh like crazy.
12. To help overcome your fear.
13. To believe in you when nobody else does.
14. To kick your butt when you deserve it.
15. To make this world worthy of living in.

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Any embarrassing thing you have on your phone that you don’t want others to know?

Zahra (سدوزئی)
My chemistry teacher bought a new phone and wanted me to switch location services for her. After switching on the service, I opened the browser to see how much the mobile costed. I saw a suggestion from Xvideos. I controlled my laughter and gave her back her phone. She knew she was caught. I was treated as a special child in her classes. No random questions. Extra marks. Thank you ma'am, for watching porn.😂

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Name 5 things you love

1. I like loving people. There is no reason for this, I just cannot see people sad. I think I am deprived of love so I like to love everyone.
2. Dressing up and shopping make me really happy. Once I lost money and to cheer myself up I went shopping. Crazy, right.
3. I love scaring people. It is the best kind of high for me. The dumbstruck expressions on people's faces, I just love them.
4. I love eating. Food makes me really happy.
5. Meeting new people, knowing their stories, getting to look deeper into their personalities elates me. I am a wannabe writer so knowing people really helps. You never know what will become your inspiration.

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Do you agree that loneliness can be addictive and therefore dangerous?

Daniyal Khokhar
Anything when done excessively can have negative consequences or effects.
As to loneliness being dangerous, sadness bleakness and feeling cut off from others can lead to depression and isolation and decreased enjoyment of life if they are excessive. I think most people are able find a balance that they are comfortable with, and that there is a great deal of variability among individuals in their preferences for interacting with others and for spending time alone.

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