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I have this constant feeling of something being missing in my life. Kuch bohot zarori he jo nahi he. Kuch bohot zarori he jo dastaras se door ja raha he lekin mujhe andaza nahi ho raha k wo kya he aur kab us ka akhri lamha ho mere sath. How should I get the answer to what it actually is.

These are the feelings when you become skeptic of the delusional foundations you have spent your whole life on. These delusions have surrounded us in a way that when we start thinking out of them they affect us to the core. A belief, some incarnated truths, when shattered leave a deep vaccum filled by ridiculous suffering all along. A suggestion would never help because this lybrainth of thoughts is within you, You can untangle it. Learning is suffering, Unveiling the truths of the universe, of the life, and everything around us could be disastrous but this leap or these radical changes could be the beginning of something new, something disturbingly beautiful. It's you who has to decide.

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شام کو اکثر بیٹھے بیٹھے
دل کچھ ڈوبنے لگتا ہے
تم مجھکو اتنا مت چاہو
میں شاید مرجاونگا
عمر گزار دیجئے
عمر گزار دی گئی ✨
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What is your view on the transgender act?

جس ملک میں عورتوں کے حقوق کا تحفظ ابھی تک ممکن نہ ہوسکا اس ملک میں "ٹرانسجینڈر ایکٹ" پر تنقید اور اُسکو غلط رنگ میں رنگنا کوئی بڑی بات نہیں۔ ہم نفسیاتی اور معاشرتی طور پر ابھی تک بہت پسماندہ ہیں۔
She was sweetest, kindest soul. Soft spoken, brilliant, majoring in Economics.
This was her first marriage, and her husband's third marriage. She had worked at the best places, traveled the world & now wanted to settle down, build a strong healthy home.
Please stop putting pressure on girls to get married for starters. It’s under pressure that the worst decisions are made. And once married, don’t pressure them to make it work no matter what.
A single or divorced daughter is better than a dead one.
What is your view on the transgender act

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Mujy ajtak smjh nahi aya, cockroaches raat 2 bjy tak kaha hotay hain aur 2 bjy he kyu bahir aty hain?

Barishoh sy dosti achi q nahi faraz?

Kyu k Faraz ghareeb tha, uska makaaan kacha tha, uski aik taang naqli thi aur wo hockey ka bht brha player tha lekin kecharh mai chlna mushkil tha.


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