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I just wanted to know for how long have you opened this channel. And btw you are a great editor hope I can be like you one day...

about 1 year and half
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do you get even a little money? salary? In Youtube? You're So Adorable In Editing! Advance Thank You For Response!

Nope =D

Wich app you use for yt edits? I have alight motion pro. And how can i make a name for yt channel because my name ans last name are grose, because i live in Serbia.🌼

Program called Sony Vegas Pro 13
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Hello Evelyn, I am starting to edit, I read in one of the previous questions that you download the torrent chapters but, these series chapters usually come in mkv format and sony vegas does not support it. How do you manage to support these videos on your sony vegas?

I convert them to mp4 files with handbrake or movavi converter =)

Hi, I noticed you have a movie acc on instagram and I was wondering if u could tell me where you get full movies for editing or if you take requests for movies. I rlly want to edit a few movies but idk how to convert them into mp4.

I use rarbg torrent site!

What two animals, if combined, would make for an awesome animal?

Maybe a fish and a bird. Multitasking lmao


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