How are you holding up?

That's actually a very interesting and relevant question - to be completely honest, I'm on the upswing from a particularly draining emotional low spot that I was stuck in for the last few days.
I go through these periods every now and again where I doubt my ability to do anything. From that doubt, I spiral down and down until I become almost unable to do anything at all. These things can be triggered by basically anything, and this time was a triple combination of discovering that someone I no longer talk to is moving far far away, realizing that I'm closely approaching the end of an entire year of Game a Week, and attending a festival where I was constantly surrounded by amazing games made by amazing people (which hit me as slightly demoralizing as I was already feeling particularly sensitive due to the first two reasons). As you can see, none of those three things are really related, but they all mashed together until I more-or-less had to allow myself to sit on a couch in relative solitude for an entire day.
I've reconciled each of the three major issues in various ways, so I'm feeling better, but it's always a bit of a hit when I go through that.
So, all in all, I'm holding up pretty okay right now. I'm visiting my parents, I get to see my niece in a few days, and the only real downside to things right now is that I don't get to see Rami for another two weeks (sad).

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