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okay so there are a lot of questions related to my personal life and the number of these questions have been increased rapidly in few days and i cant answer each and every question. first of all im much happier then before Alhamdolillah. and yes im happy single and i cant explain how proud living my life and im enjoying each and every single thing. reasons uumm im sick of being ditched all the time by the same person over and over again so no ditch this time. noooo im not looking for anybody neither im going to be with someone else. yes everything happens for a reason. okay enough.

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Life Lesson ? ??

Hassan Syed
dear boys, beware of your sweet little demanding, greedy girls. they can lie, cheat, treat you badly and then manage to make it all seem like its your fault. dont be fooled. they are not what they claim to be. dont expect anything from them or you'll get yourself hurt. dont ever fall for such girls, that is just what they do. just work hard,trust your instincts,brace yourself for the worst,set your own goals,follow your dreams and you'll get everything you want.

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