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You have a chance of asking me anything, and I mean anything Just one question that you always wanted to ask me before the end of year 2k15.? I promise to answer it honestly, no lies. :))) Send this to all your friends and see what people want to ask you ! ??(sub pouch rhy ma kyu pechy rahu lol )

Butt sb woh kaam chor diya jisse apko mana kiya tha?
^answer it.
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Dare: Propose your crush and post the screendhot here. No cheating. Oh and dont say you dont have a crush. Everyone does. :p P.S: You dont have to untick nor reveal the name of your crush. Good Luck! :D

ask use nahi kerti woh :')
any other choice? ??
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husny kirdar sy tu is qadar noor e mujasim ho ja... iblees b tujhe dekhy tu musalman ho jay.. IQBAL DAY. staif.

Nahi tera nasheman Qaser-e-Sultani ke Gunbad per
Tu Shaheen hai,baseera ker Paharon ki chatanon per.
^ A message for the Pakistani Youth today :)


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