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Aisa nahi hua kia??

I told you, I have never been with someone.

But it varies. Some humans want to be with someone but the others dont

We always want to be with someone,
We are just too afraid to accept it.

Not everyone is alike

I could have said, "Cut this bullshit, it is what it is".
But I respect your perspective.

I could have said you are over generalizing things but I respect the fact that you respect my perspective.

This is getting interesting.

People call me interesting

People fuck interesting things as well.

People fuck corpses, too.

Why do you girls always take the word fuck as Yum Pum?

I googled the word yum pum. Its a bbq shawrma wdym?

I should have used Ghappa Ghup.

I googled this too and now I got your point

Google you humor saver!

Hum wohi samjhty hen jo hum chah rhe hote hain?

Main nahin samjha ye jo bhi irshaad kiya hai aap ne.

Hum wohi suntay hen jo hum sunna chah rhe hote

What is this game we are playing?

I am answering your question

The answer is still not clear.

It is. Read your yum pum question then read my answer

When I used the word fuck,
I meant to destroy.

And I thought it meant something else because it is what we all want, no? ?

Pakistani qom? Yes, we want this all the fucking time.

Glad somebody admitted it

Do you know how to deal with it?

We all have our own ways of dealing with it. Whats yours?

I do not have one,
Guide me.

Distraction maybe

Actually I searched it up & Fasting is an option.

So you were asking from islamic point of view. I dont know much about this but yes I have heard about this lkn ye tab karte hai jab ap control na kr pa rahe ho

Yeah I told you that is an option,
And other than that things are under control till now, Thank God!

So are you going to take this safety measure?