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Don't get angry, I know we all.u are irritated with ur life, u don't show and neither I wanna degrade u but my poor soul I don't have any personal interest from u I want u to save ur life.i want u not to seek any help or something u don't tell usually and don't accept .people don't matter.i m your,s

well thankyou for thinking so much about me but i guess people who know me, would know how and who i am. Alhamdulillah for every good and bad in my life, all i seek is help from Allah but nobody else. and stop trying, you won't get anything from my side

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Don't try to know me , don't relate me with anyone, u don't know me and you can't approach me u would just fail at the end who I am .so,don't just get into it!I,m yours and we are on the same path that's just enough for u.

i'm not free enough to even try and neither am i dying to know you. i'm good. thanks

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+2 answers in: “What's that one thing, if added would make your life a little more brighter?”

I think it's gonna heal alot.usually what we take love,is not what it actually is.we don't really want our love you know we generally want the happiness we associate with it . And time never makes us forget that so we start searching it somewhere else or in someone else.but that's the only 1 part

well i guess we won't search it in others or want it back, because when you truely love someone, you just let them be who they are, and even if away, you'll never want love from someone else because that's what love is, it's just that one person.

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+3 answers in: “Can we talk on love ?I felt you hard and we are on the same path? Shall we?”