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محمد شکیل
A new year in the Islamic Calendar.
May we strive to be better than we were yesterday. Ameen !
I apologize to everyone who ever get hurt by my question/answer or something else . I just wanna say it i am sorry maybe i was not meant to say that .
انا بعتذر اذا كانت اسألتي او اجوبتي جارحة او اذت حدا ف انا جد اسف لاني ما كنت اقصد.
If i have to give likes to someone or follow back you can tell me so that i can pay my debts .
ازا حدا بدو لايكات او عملي فولو يبعتلي منشان رد اللايكلت والفولو.
#IslamicNewYear #Muharram

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On the Eve of this Red Letter Day of EID UL ADHA, I hope you you will put your Sunday Best on. I hope you will not be close fisted in distributing meat. Do care for the cold comforts; don't consider anyone a small fry after being well dressed. If you have any tussel with your kith and kins, just bury your hatchet. Let the bygones be bygones. Try to bridge over your relations. Although it is a Bakra Eid, I hope you may not hear any Goat Song. The pith and marrow of all this is to entertain you. Do remember me in your Prayers for good. EID MUBARAK!❤

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