Ask @Mullax7:

Who is the best friend in ur life, you can tell me about her?

My best friend in my life is Dina ❤️
I can't be described her in two lines, but I would say the most prominent qualities that made her in my life !
She is cute and calm, one side of her is really quiet, but once you get to know her she opens up & make jokes & you can just be yourself around her anytime, she'll comfort you & make you smile.
She's the peacemaker .. when you feel like all your friends are causing drama, she'll be the only one smiling at you & joking around. She's just plain awesome ..
A good listener, horrible at taking her own advice
I love her, can not imagine my life without her !

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Do you believe that playing is more important than winning?

Well I believe when your playing on a team you should aim to win because even though it may not be important to you, it may be important to someone else. However, you shouldn't play the game without having fun or your just wasting one more moment of your life. I think having fun and winning should go hand in hand

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