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Do you think guys should take the trash out or do you think girls should?

Skylar_360’s Profile PhotoSkylar_360
Itgunk guys should do the trash but that’s up to her if she wants or not

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What is the full meaning of love ?

stefani21750’s Profile Photostefani21750
It’s just about two people who really care for each other and who will do anything for each other and trustworthy

Would you rather have ALL the money in the world 💸 OR ALL the time in world⌛

boredomblues2002’s Profile PhotoJaclyn Davis
Well, money doesn’t bring happiness. So it will probably be enough Time in the world.

Picture this: Sun is going down on a warm summer night. You’re sitting on the porch rocking away in an antique rocker. Hank Williams Sr is singing in the background on the radio. You’re sitting next to the one you love with your favorite drink in hand. Just taking it all in.

ghostbeeb_’s Profile PhotoJessica Tyler
Yeah that sounds pretty cool.

I love you so much. I’m in pain. If you can’t love me. At least stay. And let me in. Let me love you. You don’t have to love me. Just stay close

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