Ask @Muntaha_zahra:

کوئی خاص بات؟ 🌚

Fall in love with someone who wants you,who wait for you,who understands you even in the madeness,someone who help you , nd guide you,Someonee who is your support,nd your hope .Fall in love with someone who talks with you after a fight .Fall in love with someone who misses you and want to be with you.Dont fall in love with the body or a face or with the idea of being in love

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Aj ka sabak🌸?

Aلi Haسan°
You'll meet alot of ppl who convince you that you're world to them & they leave .Alot of people who will talk to you like you are the most important part of their day nd they dissappear.You'll meet lots and alots of people through your way nd then thy becme ghosts with memories.Only few will stay may be 1 r 2 but those ppl will prove that its not about how many time you many hours you communicate .Its just who was there whn no one wasn't.Who was happy when you were happy .Watch out nd hold on to them

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