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Vampire, jumme ki namaz parhne ke liye bhi kabhi jaag lia karo. =P

Chal chaliye duniya de us nukre, jithay jumma na jummay di namaz howay.

Since someone asked me this too, so here goes; most interesting object in your room?

My secret drawer of super secret things.

Hey I just met you. And this is crazy. Plz give ur number. ill call u mayb.

Ami ne mana kiya hai kharab larkiyon se bat karne se.

When is your film frenchie movie releasing? Trailer sun sun ke tang agae hain log

Abhi filming honi hai! Ramzan khatam hojaye warna sabke rozay tootay rahain ge during shooting :p

What would you do if a girl approaches you? and she's pretty.

Reject her if she's not from sialkot.


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