Ask @MyLovely7:

What's the last thing you laughed about till you cried?

Till I cried? Omg I haven’t done that in a long time, it was was my first and last time when I was 16 I read this funny ass comment and it was in a paragraph where as I was reading it I was also laughing thru the entire thing and at the end I couldn’t stop where I started CRYING ! My mom heard and had that “wtf” face but omg i didn’t controlled my crying face I was shocked that now I know how it feels to “laugh so heard till you cry”
Cause I would ask how do you end up crying (?) lol but now I know and since then I haven’t experienced it again :/ which questions me now if the things I laugh about, is it really that funny since I didn’t cry to it (?) 🤔 hmmm

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