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This little messages always show up every time I search something on Tumblr.
This text always shows up every time you search for something related to mental illnesses. Tumblr makes a special page with a list and ways for people with mental illnesses to get help.
It's great that Tumblr does this (and really hope all social media will do this), but the sad fact still remains that most people with mental illnesses don't seek treatment and help as soon as any other medical illnesses.
They tend to be afraid to ask for help because of the stigma surrounding it. Most of the people cope with mental illnesses by themselves and don't get diagnosed until something bad really happened to them.
The myths saying that a person with mental illnesses can fix themselves with enough positive thinking or that mental illnesses are just something that they made up in their heads as an excuse is totally wrong. People with mental illnesses still believe that having mental illnesses basically a social death sentence for them. A sentence full of seclusion just because people don't fully understand mental illnesses.
I can't do much to erase the stigma and myth surrounding mental illnesses but please do educate yourself a bit about this so you could help someone who needs it. You might even save a life :)

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If it's not too much to ask, could you please share a story about your most treasured family heirloom?

Would gladly answer this.
Is cooking recipes an heirloom? Because I don't think my family have any and the only lasting thing that been with us is a food recipes. Either from my mother side or my father side, food recipes always run through our family.

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Is there someone in your life, no matter how hard you tried, you cannot completely forget/ignore/stop yourself for occasionally thinking about them? Why do you think despite for you being seperated or has been long time not/never seeing them anymore, sometimes, s/he's still just pop up in you mind?

Oky Septya
There's one person. My (ex) best friend.
Noticed the "(ex)" part? That part is where I have no clue what's going on to that person and wirh our relationship or why I was left alone in the dark when I need them the most. That's me hoping that we are still "best friend."
I still wish this person would give me some kind of explanation rather than just disappear without a trace.
If you reading this, and I hope you read this, I know we said goodbye a lot but I always thought that's just some kind of act that doesn't mean a thing. I still remember those late night phone calls or how you cried to me about that girl that you love. I still remember every inside joke we had in high school and the way we view the world in gray rather than black and white.
I really do hope you're happy now. I still remember your goals. I even still remember how I promise you an epic novel with chapters dedicated for you. I'm sorry for the last thing you ever heard from me. Maybe I. do deserve this. I mean, you got your own life anyway.
Well, take care, beautiful nightmare

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Have you gone to funeral before? Don't you think that funerals are a lot like death itself. You can have your wishes, your plans, but at the end of the day, it's out of control.

Oky Septya
I don't really think that funerals are out of our control. we still have a system to control the chaos.
And apparently, death is inevitable but we still had a say in it. Suicide may seem a very grim choice but it does offered that control offer death.

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