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Don't you wishh that they add Saeran's and V's route?

Happy Little Pill.
((Yes and No.
In the game, if you choose a Route, there are options to be very /possess/ of that character. If you choose the possess answer, white hearts appear. Cheritz never stated the /white/ hearts, but for me, it has to Saeran. *Spoiler* I mean, he was trying to bring them to his 'Paradise'.. And it means going /that/ way with the character. You are taking /his/ side.
Now for V, I say its a bad idea, in a way. This is why: Rika. His fiancé. The reason the RFA was born. Going with V will only not break the RFA, but break Yoosung too. He will think V turned on Rika to be with you instead. This will lead him to depression. And this is just my opinion.
Before I end this, here's a route you forgot to mention that the fans are asking for...
The Elizabeth 3rd Route.))

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«Were never getting Girlfriends;»
•Why say that?•
«Jumin is married to his Cat,
Yoosung is in love with games,
Seven is in love with... Numbers,
And I have my beautiful looks.»
•There is some 'love' mentioned.. •
«/Real/ girlfriends..»

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Michelle: *Oh? I see o.o*

—Ah, well I have to go to my meeting.—
«Have to practice my Roles!~»
★Ima go plya some LOLOL★
♦I gotta go work..♦
*707, Jumin Han, Yoosung, and Zen left the chatroom*

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