Ask @Mywhiteangel16:

1. Age 2. Height 3. Do you have a boyfriend? 4. What are your best traits? 5. Any bad habits? 6. Pro choice or Pro life? 7. Dress or skirt? 8. Virgin? 9. Favourite sports 10. Favourite movie 11. Countries visited 12. Do you drink? 13. Do you smoke? 14. Secret skills 15. What is your dream job?

1) 18
2. 5'0
3) yes
4) I have too many
5. Idk
6) pro life
7) both
8. No
9) soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball and football
10) Nightmare on elm Street
11) alot
12. No
13) no
14) I have three but I'm gonna say it
15. I want to have my own cafe one day

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9. Talk about money. Is it important to you to provide for a family financially if you choose to have one? Is it important to you that you earn more than any partner you may have? Do you prefer to pay for things like dates? Are you uncomfortable when others pay for you or offer to pay for you?

nice guy here
I'm have no problem with someone wants to pay for me, I think it's really sweet

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What do you like in a guy

Idc about height or weight only personality really matters to me. I like a guy who wants a serious relationship that can last for years, that's respectful, takes the time to text his girlfriend everyday, honest. Knows how to cook and put his family and girlfriend first before anything

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