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What is your favorite activity?

"A New Life"
As I see us together
sitting close to each other
two silent hearts
singing and dancing in one rhythm
one wish
one start
one life
happiness intertwined
sadness shared
moments captured
stories made
I think all this with you
I plan all this with you
and yes the execution needs
your hand
your heart
your soul
and your everything
and when this will happen
we'll see that even the sun moon and stars would come together to see this joyous moment
maybe this all sounds filmi and fairy
but honestly
being together with you
would be better than that
a good person as a partner is the prerequisite for a good life
and yes you mark all the ticks on my requirement list
haha! just kidding
there's only one requirement and that's "Understanding"
and surely I believe and hope that you'll fulfill that
i know everything will be new for you as it is for me
a little nervousness will be there
a little asking for small small things
a little of laugh on your jokes
a little smile for your smile
a lot of love for your love
a lot of time for your time
a lot of support for your things
and a lot of understanding will be there and that I promise!
so if u don't like something in the dinner just be honest and tell me
coz i want to become better with you
and yes I wanna learn new things
I wanna see new places with you
I wanna share my feelings
my small small desires
and I hope that you'll surely fulfill them
and I'll keep in mind that u don't forget your wallet and handkerchief
I'll keep in mind that ur shirts are ready to make u look classy
I'll keep in mind to remind you for a haircut
and yeah I'll keep in mind that you mind me all the time
so the dates are fixed
the dressups are on process
the venue will be perfect
and the chilling January
will surely be the victim
of 'Our New Life'
so join your hands with me
join your heart with me
and join your life with me
and we'll surely be the best
and Mr.Prince Charming
let me tell you that your sweetness is your Charm
and it is what makes me happy
so be this way
be with me
and we'll be
what we wanna be.
-Prisoned Artist (Nikhil Singh Bhati)
(P.s. i wrote this for a client who was going to get married and she wanted to express her feelings and insecurities to her fiancé. The only thing i knew about the guy was that he looks sweet! till date i don't know his name or any other info.!
and that is what writing is all about it is the actual beauty of it. No names no facts only pure emotions and desires) 😊❤🍀
*and that my friend is my favourite activity*

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Sure, 😂 send me Hey pimples

"Her Pimples"
they are soft
they are hard
they are tiny
they are big
they are round
they are shapeless
they are itchy
they are heartless
they are the pim..pim..Pimples
oh! her pim..pim..Pimples
so irritating
so annyoning
didn't they got any other place!
except her pretty beautiful face???
"sweetness attracts flies
and beauty attracts Pimples"
that's the logic she has for them!
and they always come back again like the horrific Monday after every weekend
so she covers her face to hide them
oh! the gloomy moon doesn't see her own silver lining
her beauty her joy dies in front of the little devils that dance upon her skin
and she tries everything to fight them with....
the morning 'Coconut Water'
the dermatologists prescriptions
the avoidance of tasty dishes
and the mid temperature water
but nothing! nothing is giving her a permanent heeling
and then she's dealing with the artistic filters for her photographs
wishing if in real life she could have a filter and brush to wipe off these stupid pimps!
it's a tragedy for her
and there's no remedy for her
her pimples are like the 'Guests' who once come and never desire to leave
and if they do...
they leave you with hefty bills & scars
"so Mirror Mirror on the wall
tell me when my face will be the flawless of all"???
no answer wait lemme break you!!
she takes a last look at it and she says
"I Hate You"
the reflection in the mirror shatters into pieces
looking at her it only tells one thing..
"oh beauty oh beauty you are the flawless of all
coz I see the beauty in the depth of your soul
these pimples these scars cannot hide your purity
your cuteness defines your looks
your superiority
you are the Moon and sometimes you are the blushing sun
you are the sweetness that even the roses can't blossom
you are the spring that even the Lord's can't afford
so don't worry about your
'cute pimples'!
yeah they are 'cute'
coz beauty you have changed them
and now even they look beautiful on your face
see your magic
see your touch
see the miracles your closeness can bring
see the happiness that prospers in your skin
see the good
not the bad
see how beautiful you are
that even when you said you hate me and broke me into pieces!
I still love to be ur reflection on every shiny surface
coz for me even being a reflection of you
is pure
is beautiful
is flawless
coz beauty oh beauty!
you are.....The Flawless of All"
-Prisoned Artist (Nikhil Bhati)

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What is the story behind your Instagram alias?

Why i write by the name "Prisoned Artist" ?
So it's a cool story which is aligned with all the major things of my life.
So there's this person who is my Mentor and Everything!
I literally worship him
and i call him "Bhaya"
Bhaya is a next levek writer
and he started writing paragraphs on particular feelings and stuff and that really triggered me to write paragraphs too!
I wanted to leave the rhyming sense and flow free with words
He told me that they you'll escape the rhyme and write your heart out that day you'll flourish as a person you actually are.
and then one day along with everything going around and in my life.
I wrote a piece!
Nobody has ever written anything on a girl's pimples!
and Here I Was!!!!
I wrote.........
"Her Pimples" 👧
and Everything changed after that
in that particular moment i made Bhaya proud so much that he named me
"Prisoned Artist"
and the reason is there...
in the image below 👇
Now it's a vision
an alias
a purpose
a feeling
a reason
to write and flourish as i really am! 😊
"this Artist is in a prison and to free myself i have to write"

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TBH you seem like a good artist post more of your works

"She's Just A Girl"
don't worry she's just a girl
don't think too much
because she doesn't thinks at all
you're planning to invade her mind
you love her
impossible she seems
but you get her
told you she's just a girl
don't think too much
because she doesn't thinks at all
her morals seem Godly
her thoughts pure as pink
her gestures innocent like a swan
and her body like a wax statue
don't fall
don't fall for her
because she even knows she's just a Girl!
She gives you courage
draws out the mad man from you
She gives you stories
and brings out the hero from you
you become a writer in love
but an artist in prison!
and she plays
yeah she plays with your mind
you idolize her
she is your Queen Bee
she cries for you
but honey you don't get it
that tears are her tenants
and she isn't so weak!
So you dream think and act
coz you want her forever
you are in love
in love with an evol
her magic won't fade
her eyes won't speak
because this was only in your mind
this was only in dreams
so wake up
don't cry for her
I know she's worthy
but don't die for her
she might mean the world to you
but she's having her own world too!
so don't fight
don't expect
don't build sand castles
don't believe in fairytales
just open your eyes
and see
that she is just like you are
an imperfect person
a naive human being
a normal creature
and She's just a Girl!
so again
don't think too much
because she...
doesn't thinks at all!
-Prisoned Artist (Nikhil Singh Bhati)

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What type of Friend you are? 👑

*Me as a friend*
carried his laminated picture on a trip of 9days and 3cities.
Told every person we met that he got 'Cancer' and we're doing this trip to make a video for his birthday!!
this picture danced
had mexican dishes
sat on toilet pots of 5stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
clicked pictures with all the beautiful ladies
and had sex too!!!!
if you wanna know more..
check out @bhaya_bhati_aur_bae on Instagram.
here's the link:

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