TBH you seem like a good artist post more of your works

"She's Just A Girl"
don't worry she's just a girl
don't think too much
because she doesn't thinks at all
you're planning to invade her mind
you love her
impossible she seems
but you get her
told you she's just a girl
don't think too much
because she doesn't thinks at all
her morals seem Godly
her thoughts pure as pink
her gestures innocent like a swan
and her body like a wax statue
don't fall
don't fall for her
because she even knows she's just a Girl!
She gives you courage
draws out the mad man from you
She gives you stories
and brings out the hero from you
you become a writer in love
but an artist in prison!
and she plays
yeah she plays with your mind
you idolize her
she is your Queen Bee
she cries for you
but honey you don't get it
that tears are her tenants
and she isn't so weak!
So you dream think and act
coz you want her forever
you are in love
in love with an evol
her magic won't fade
her eyes won't speak
because this was only in your mind
this was only in dreams
so wake up
don't cry for her
I know she's worthy
but don't die for her
she might mean the world to you
but she's having her own world too!
so don't fight
don't expect
don't build sand castles
don't believe in fairytales
just open your eyes
and see
that she is just like you are
an imperfect person
a naive human being
a normal creature
and She's just a Girl!
so again
don't think too much
because she...
doesn't thinks at all!
-Prisoned Artist (Nikhil Singh Bhati)

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