What is the story behind your Instagram alias?

Why i write by the name "Prisoned Artist" ?
So it's a cool story which is aligned with all the major things of my life.
So there's this person who is my Mentor and Everything!
I literally worship him
and i call him "Bhaya"
Bhaya is a next levek writer
and he started writing paragraphs on particular feelings and stuff and that really triggered me to write paragraphs too!
I wanted to leave the rhyming sense and flow free with words
He told me that they you'll escape the rhyme and write your heart out that day you'll flourish as a person you actually are.
and then one day along with everything going around and in my life.
I wrote a piece!
Nobody has ever written anything on a girl's pimples!
and Here I Was!!!!
I wrote.........
"Her Pimples" 👧
and Everything changed after that
in that particular moment i made Bhaya proud so much that he named me
"Prisoned Artist"
and the reason is there...
in the image below 👇
Now it's a vision
an alias
a purpose
a feeling
a reason
to write and flourish as i really am! 😊
"this Artist is in a prison and to free myself i have to write"

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