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"Her Pimples"
they are soft
they are hard
they are tiny
they are big
they are round
they are shapeless
they are itchy
they are heartless
they are the pim..pim..Pimples
oh! her pim..pim..Pimples
so irritating
so annyoning
didn't they got any other place!
except her pretty beautiful face???
"sweetness attracts flies
and beauty attracts Pimples"
that's the logic she has for them!
and they always come back again like the horrific Monday after every weekend
so she covers her face to hide them
oh! the gloomy moon doesn't see her own silver lining
her beauty her joy dies in front of the little devils that dance upon her skin
and she tries everything to fight them with....
the morning 'Coconut Water'
the dermatologists prescriptions
the avoidance of tasty dishes
and the mid temperature water
but nothing! nothing is giving her a permanent heeling
and then she's dealing with the artistic filters for her photographs
wishing if in real life she could have a filter and brush to wipe off these stupid pimps!
it's a tragedy for her
and there's no remedy for her
her pimples are like the 'Guests' who once come and never desire to leave
and if they do...
they leave you with hefty bills & scars
"so Mirror Mirror on the wall
tell me when my face will be the flawless of all"???
no answer wait lemme break you!!
she takes a last look at it and she says
"I Hate You"
the reflection in the mirror shatters into pieces
looking at her it only tells one thing..
"oh beauty oh beauty you are the flawless of all
coz I see the beauty in the depth of your soul
these pimples these scars cannot hide your purity
your cuteness defines your looks
your superiority
you are the Moon and sometimes you are the blushing sun
you are the sweetness that even the roses can't blossom
you are the spring that even the Lord's can't afford
so don't worry about your
'cute pimples'!
yeah they are 'cute'
coz beauty you have changed them
and now even they look beautiful on your face
see your magic
see your touch
see the miracles your closeness can bring
see the happiness that prospers in your skin
see the good
not the bad
see how beautiful you are
that even when you said you hate me and broke me into pieces!
I still love to be ur reflection on every shiny surface
coz for me even being a reflection of you
is pure
is beautiful
is flawless
coz beauty oh beauty!
you are.....The Flawless of All"
-Prisoned Artist (Nikhil Bhati)

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